Impact Digital, Brunswick


Impact Digital is a 100 per cent carbon neutral digital service, leading eras of digitisation and sustainability in the Australian print industry. Its Brunswick site has 135 solar panels, LED lighting and 6000-litre water tanks.



Business type Digital Print Services
Industry Printing
Suburb Brunswick
Founded in 2003
In Moreland since 2003
Core offering

Self-service online digital printing



Impact Digital launched their environmentally sustainable online print service in 2003 with just four staff. Since then, the business has grown significantly and now employs a dynamic team of 30, tackling the challenges of an evolving industry. 

“Impact Digital is an innovative, sustainable print company providing value-add solutions for our customers,” says Joint Managing Director, Heath Nankervis. 

A family owned and operated business, the company utilises cutting edge technology alongside business learnings from Impact Printing, a traditional print service and predecessor to Impact Digital. 

Impact Digital is built on the same core principles that drove Impact Printing; family owned and operated, a strong work ethic, delivering quality print and exceptional customer service.”  

Impact Digital’s Brunswick office give the business close proximity to clients and the city. However, Impact Digital has recently launched an online, self-service print shop meaning that its customers can be located anywhere. 

“The beauty of the online environment is that we’ve been able to expand our reach and now service customers nationwide. The majority of our work is customer interaction; we are very hands on with emails and phone calls. 

Digitisation of the print industry has posed its challenges and Heath has seen the Australian print industry grow increasingly competitive over the last 16 years. 

“Like many industries, print has become more competitive; there are more online print businesses and offshore suppliers. In a crowded market, a focus on environmental and social responsibility has given us a point of difference.” 

Sustainability came to the forefront in 2008 when the company moved to the current premises in Albert Street, Brunswick. The new factory was custom fitted to reduce the environmental impact of the business as a whole. 

“We installed 135 solar panels, 6000 litres of water tanks servicing the building toilets and basins. This was the beginning our sustainability journey that now entails LED lights throughout the premises, gaining ISO accreditation, becoming a Forest Stewardship Council accredited supplier and 100 per cent carbon neutral,” says Heath. 

The push to sustainable practices comes from both within the business, and from major print clients such as government, council and corporate businesses who demand suppliers provide sustainable print solutions. 

Impact Digital is now 100 per cent carbon neutral and on track to be carbon positive. 

“It’s important to us and our employees to work for a company that is doing all we can to lessen our footprint on the environment. We’re proud to be heralding sustainability in the industry.”

Impact Digital


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Images courtesy of Impact Digital.