Sample Room, Brunswick East


Sample Room has carved a niche for itself as Australia’s only end-to-end fashion production house. Originally launched from the Brunswick Business Incubator, Sample Room has had its own premises since 2014. In mid-2019, it launched a complementary new business, Pattern Room.



Business type End-to-end fashion production house; home to two in-house labels
Industry Clothing & textiles
Suburb Brunswick East
Founded in 2009
In Moreland since 2009
Core offering Pattern making, sample making, grading, production preparations


Aware of a serious skills and therefore sample-making shortage in the Australian fashion industry, she launched Sample Room to provide services, training and consultancy in the applied technical skills that underpin a clothing label – that’s pattern making, sample making, grading, production preparations – to established and start-up fashion brands from around Australia, and overseas. 

“Sample Room started with just me. Today my team numbers somewhere between five and ten, and everything we do is done in-house here in Brunswick East,” says Julia.

Sample Room mentors designers through the startup phase of creating a label through its Fashion Label Launchpad (so far, more than 300 mentees have completed the six-month online program), and is home to two successful in-house brands, Winterluxe and Sha-De.

Julia’s latest enterprise, Pattern Room, is a business-to-business stocking 45,000 patterns for men’s, women’s and children’s wear. All developed inhouse, the patterns are available on a pay per pattern basis. Buyers can purchase a pattern, or a pattern and accompanying samples.

“Pattern Room has been in the works for six years. We think it makes a lot of sense – a service like this will enable designers to get basic patterns at a decent price, so they can spend money on the more complex ones. There’s nothing like it in the world. It was a huge task to put together; it’s taken literally thousands of hours to build the library,” says Julia.

When Julia founded Sample Room back in 2009, she was based at the Brunswick Business Incubator.

“The Brunswick Business Incubator was a fantastic place to start from. There’s access to great mentors and other start-ups, and it gave us a chance to experiment. When you’re new, it’s hard to know how much space you’re going to need in one or two- or five- years’ time – getting a lease can feel really scary. We stayed there for five years before going out on our own.”

Sample Room is proudly committed to local manufacturing and skills development, ethical workplace conditions, and producing high-quality garments. It has been an Ethical Clothing Australia-accredited manufacturer since 2009.

“Being located in Moreland is great for our business. A lot of our core manufacturers are nearby, and our distance from the city – now we’re on Nicholson Street in Brunswick East – makes us accessible for customers from further afield. We wouldn’t want to go further out. We started off here by chance; now it’s strategically beneficial.”

Sample Room

Pattern Room


Image courtesy of Sample Room.