home.one café, Brunswick 

This café serves coffee, porridge and bagels, along with a feel good factor for staff and customers alike, whose hard work and patronage contribute to the its social enterprise endeavours. Read more.


Business type Cafe
Industry Hospitality
Suburb Brunswick
Founded in 2018
In Moreland since 2018
Core offering Social enterprise cafe selling coffee, porridge and bagels
Website homeone.melbourne


home.one is a cosy hole-in-the-wall near Anstey Station, where customers sit on milk crates and timber benches to enjoy the fare – porridge, bagels and smoothies, made from locally sourced ingredients, wherever possible. 

The café is a collaboration between three people and three not-for-profit social enterprises – Dan Poole of the Crêpes for Change food truck and The Coffee Cart Changing Lives, and Ben Manassah and Kirsten Pannekoek of porridge and muesli brand, Three Bears.  

home.one is also a not-for-profit, which means that, after costs are covered, all proceeds go to helping others in need. All breakfast profits are donated to Eat Up Australia, an organisation of volunteers who make thousands of lunches each month and deliver them to schools around Victoria. Coffee and bagel profits are donated to programs dedicated to eliminating youth homelessness, including Launch Housing, a Melbourne-based community organisation that supports the homeless.  

The enterprise also provides traineeships and employment to youths from Launch Housing, and encourages customers to be environmentally sustainable with a keep cup borrowing system.  

Founder Dan Poole thinks social enterprise is a new model for business, and charity, that we’re going to see more of. 

“Customers are increasingly demanding that businesses have a net positive effect on the community and the environment, so I think while becoming completely non-profit, like we are, is not contemplatable for most businesses, donating a small amount of profits – say, five per cent - will build a huge amount of goodwill among customers.” 

Dan’s advice to businesses thinking of doing something similar?   

“It’s hugely important to ensure the money raised through social enterprise is spent responsibly and in a way which has a tangible impact on beneficiaries. So do the research and make sure your customers’ money is being spent well.” 


Image courtesy of home.one