Pneuvay Engineering, Coburg North  

This established engineering company has expanded its business reach into the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East by joining with a larger international company, while retaining its independence.


Business type Engineering services
Industry Engineering
Suburb Coburg North
Founded in 1982
In Moreland since 1988
Core offering Design and construction of pneumatic conveyancing systems


Pneuvay Engineering was formed as a small design and consultancy engineering firm in 1982. Over the past few decades it has evolved into an Australian leader in the design and supply of pneumatic conveying systems – using air or in some cases inert gasses to propel bulk materials such as cement, sugar, plastics, mining dusts and organic grains long distances in specially engineered pipes.  

As the company’s capability and client base has grown, so too has its reputation. It has been shipping products throughout Australia and overseas like Fiji and the United Kingdom for many years, but in 2015, the experienced a steady rise in demand from Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, and the United States. 

“We built our reputation and brand name by consistently supplying quality products and services, retaining and leveraging our substantial industry experience, and continually improving its expertise with research and development,” says Michael Francis, who, along with Gary Smith, is an Owner and Managing Director of Pneuvay. 

In 2017, Michael and Gary began discussions with Pneu Powders Systems, an Asia-Pacific industry leader with offices in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam – and now Australia. In December 2017, Pneuvay Engineering joined Pneu Powders Systems, the two companies joined – with Pneuvay retaining its independence, and its Australian base in Moreland.  

This cooperation and business synergy means that Pneuvay can now deliver pneumatic conveying in mining, aviation, and powder handling solutions to the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It also means our opportunities in Australia have increased,” says Michael.  

“We anticipate our joint success will result in more projects, many in the realm of advanced technology and advanced manufacturing, as these are government priority areas. We expect to need to grow our operations and employee base here in Coburg by 50 per cent over the next three years,” adds Michael Choo, Executive Director – Operations & Finance, at Pneuvay.